I’m A Millennial, And I Think Baby Boomers Are A Bunch Of Big Babies. Here’s Why.

Shutterstock / Zdorov Krill Vladimirovich
Shutterstock / Zdorov Krill Vladimirovich

Millennials have taken a lot of abuse from their elders, especially from baby boomers. The generation that said “don’t trust anyone over 30” now thinks anyone under 50 sucks. These boomers have the delusion that their generation is better than ours. I find that laughable.

Boomers like to say that most millennials only care about getting high because of the popularity of weed legalization amongst our generation. I guess they have suffered memory loss from all the drugs they did back in the day, because the data shows drug use among boomers was higher than it is among millennials.

Boomers make the assumption that millennials are lazy because many of them live with their parents. However, more millennials have graduated from high school and college than any other generation. It is hardly a sign of laziness to dedicate four or more years of your life to getting a degree. The reason for high numbers of millennials living with their parents is the lousy economy and high levels of debt. Boomers didn’t have to take on the same levels of debt to get a degree, and back then a degree wasn’t required to have a career.

Thanks to boomers, though, most jobs where you could earn a living with a high-school diploma were destroyed by boomer-led labor unions. Also boomers could buy their own homes because housing costs were a much lower share of the average American’s yearly wage than it is today.

Boomers tell us that we are narcissistic because we like to take selfies, but they forget about who started the plastic-surgery craze. That’s right—it was the boomers. And the boomer-dominated media likes to bombard us with specials about the 60s and how that decade changed the world. Talk about narcissistic!

Boomers will call us selfish and point to the fact that we don’t get married at the same rates they did. This coming from the generation with the highest divorce rates—even in their 50s and 60s they get divorced in high numbers. You can’t even spend your twilight years with one person, and you are going to call us selfish? Maybe we are just smarter than your generation and want to have a stable setting and find the right person before getting married.

It is also disconcerting to be called selfish by a generation that had hundreds of thousands of people refuse their nation’s call to duty, something their parents had gladly answered. Millennials have volunteered for that duty and have had the burden of war their entire adult lives . Unlike the Boomers, millennials have actually won their wars but they have had those victories thrown away by the boomers because they are “war weary.”

Finally the boomers have the gall to call millennials entitled when it is we who are going to be paying boomers’ Social Security and Medicare. Those systems are going to be sucked dry by the time millennials retire because the boomers refused to reform them fearing they might get less money. The time when the boomers begin to lose their grip on the system cannot come soon enough for this millennial. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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