Want To Get Paid? Here Are The Top 5 Sites That Will Pay For Your Writing

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via Flickr – qian

People who have never made an attempt in freelancing think you have an easy job. You make as much money as you try to, and your career can be easily balanced with your personal life. The greatest benefit has to be the lack of a pesky boss breathing down your neck.

However, only you can be aware of the struggles that freelancing work brings along. There is one great challenge that all online content writers face: how can they get a fair payment for their work? If you are trying to get a good price for your outstanding content, then you should check out the following websites that will pay for your writing!

1. EssayWriters.net

If you are tired of the unfair competition at the most popular websites for freelancers (such as Elance.com, oDesk com and similar choices), then you should try EssayWriters.net – a company that holds a great reputation because its writers always have a lot of work to choose from. Clients place orders from various areas of expertise at this website, so you can choose the topics you prefer and rediscover the joys of being a freelance writer.

There are two main categories of orders at EssayWriters.net: Freelance Writing Jobs and Essay Writing Jobs. If you are good in academic writing, then this is the right platform to choose and get a fair price for your efforts. This company enables you to earn over $14 per page for a turnaround time of 24 hours.

2. Writers.PH

This website connects freelance writers with a global network of clients that offer a great variety of writing jobs and projects. The efficient communication system that instantly connects you with clients makes the arrangements easier and more effective. The best part is that Writers.PH offers certification opportunities.

You will get regular paychecks on a bi-monthly payment schedule, as well as bonuses when you achieve excellent results. The average payment of freelance writers at Writers.PH is around $700 – $800 per month.

3. AsiaWriters.com

This website is very attractive for freelance writers with previous experience on this market and a strong grasp of the English language. The orders mostly include journalistic, academic, technical, and creative papers. AsiaWriters.com is especially rewarding for writers with Master’s and PhD degrees.

The prices get up to $30 per page – a great quote that you can hardly find elsewhere. At this website, you will be supported by a great team of representatives that will assist you whenever you encounter difficulties. The constant stream of orders will help you get regular work that will result with significant earnings on monthly basis.

4. FreelancerCareers.com

If you are looking for a website that’s focused on providing freelance writers with a constant selection of various projects and enables them to get fair payment, then FreelancerCareers.com is the right choice for you. The company will monitor your progress, so your salary will grow as your status improves.

You will be able to select your specialization during the registering process, so you’ll get regular offers of projects relevant to your education, interests and skills. This is one of the greatest choices for freelance resume writers.

5. Create.DemandStudios.com

Demand Media Studios is another platform for freelancer writers that allows them to work on projects from their areas of expertise. The topics you can choose from usually belong to the areas of business, parenting, travel, style, education, pets, fitness, and more.

If you get accepted to work for Demand Media Studios, your work will be exposed to a large audience on popular websites.

As a freelance writer, you have to make an informed decision when choosing new jobs. The safest way of earning a decent salary is working on a platform that offers a constant flow of jobs related to your experience, knowledge and interests. The 5 websites listed above are a great choice for all categories of freelance writers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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