When Strangers Meet

When Strangers Meet

Strangers are nothing more than clinched lips hesitating to say hello. Strangers are unmet eyes longing to gaze into a familiar soul. Strangers are the ones who longingly stare into the blue light of smartphones, pretending to be engaged. They scroll through the lives of others but forget to raise their eyes to possibilities in front of them.

A stranger is the lonely one whose palms sweat when entering crowded rooms. They are the eyes that look toward the concrete, in hopes of being unseen. Strangers are the missed opportunities, blank stares and mixed signals. Strangers are the unheard cries of the world, calling out for a friend they have yet to meet.

Strangers are the people we may refuse to greet. A single smile followed by “hello” could change one’s fate. Yet we let fear block our hearts desire for connection. Strangers secretly ache in the darkness of night. Strangers think no one can meet their needs other than themselves.

Strangers can form beautiful bonds when they surrender to fate. When vulnerable, strangers become open to loving once more after a broken heart. They remain grounded in faith and know that love will come again. Strangers can learn to see perspectives outside of themselves, when grounded in truth.

Strangers heal differently than you may, and that’s totally okay. You may be a stranger to some, but your light will never go unseen. Keep your heart open and remain playful in your encounters with strangers. Each chance meeting will give you lessons about who you truly are.

Strangers remain invisible in a world that sees you clearly. We need each other like the air that fills our starving lungs. So unclench your lips and say hello. Meet someone’s gaze with a reciprocal look of trust. Because a stranger can quickly become the love you’ve been silently praying for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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