The 5 Most Underrated Christmas Songs


We’re in that time of the year in which everywhere you step foot, you’ll hear Christmas music. From the clothing store and ugly sweater parties to the ski hill lodges on a cold winter night. We all have our favorite originals and renditions of classic holiday hits, but I’ve picked out five of what I think are the most under-appreciated Christmas songs. The ones that aren’t played on the radio once every twelve minutes, the ones you don’t share with your friends and the ones I hope you’d Shazam if you heard it for the first time.

“Little Saint Nick” by the Beach Boys.

[youtube=]I can’t think of any other Christmas song that just simply makes me smile and get excited to come home for the holidays. Not to mention it’s a fun jam to sing along to.

“Mele Kalikimaka” by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters.

[youtube=]Hear this song and you’ll probably remember that promiscuous pool scene from the epic cult classic film “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” Oh Chevy Chase you all-star dad you. It baffles me how many people have never heard this song before or just simply don’t like it. It’s a hilarious tune and the brazen horn section really gets the Christmas spirit pumping. Plus, when temperatures plummet to the negative zone on the mercury reader, cue up this song on your iPod and dream of tropical paradise. It’ll be here soon.

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel “by Sufjan Stevens.

[youtube=]Sufjan is legendary, an acoustic mastermind who has drafted some of the most beautiful, abstract and unique indie folk music to cast through your ears. One of my favorites and most-played artists on my iPod. His version of “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” which combines soft, calming vocals with the strumming of banjos is just chillingly good.

“Sussex Mummers’ Christmas Carol” by Percy Grainger.

[youtube=]My favorite recording of this song, performed by the North Texas University Wind Ensemble, truly shines light on probably the best instrumental music you’ll hear during the month of December.  Composed by the great Percy Grainger in the early 1900s, I find this the perfect song to just sit in front of a window with a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snowfall to.

“That Spirit of Christmas” by Ray Charles.

[youtube=]Here’s another classic from my favorite Christmas Movie starring crazy Uncle Eddie, you know, the one who clogged the shitter? Here’s a slow and wonderful song by one of America’s finest and tremendous singers, mister Ray Charles. Pull your family together or close-knight group of best friends, get a blaze roaring in the fire place, pour out some spiked eggnog, turn the volume up on this one and then laugh, smile and embrace each other.  These holidays are a time to spend time with the ones you love and cherish. TC Mark

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