The 8 Best Simpsons References In Hip-Hop

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire
Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

Amid hip hop’s 30+ years of braggadocio rhyme, gun bars, and Scarface-poster-adorned cribs, few rappers have alluded to our favorite Springfieldians. Here are some of absolute best ones of all time:

8. Pac Div – “Posted”

ItsPacDiv/ Life in the Fast Lane
Pac Div/ The Simpsons Movie

Might be out at Fox Hills, might be out at Lenox

Them yellow broads with me like they might be out the Simpsons

7. Fabolous – “Forgive Me Father”

Ghetto Fabolous / The Simpsons Movie
Fabolous /
The Simpsons Movie

I’m in a waggy with em passin by ya
With a baby girl who suck harder than Maggie on a pacifier

6. Jehst – “Brimstone Rock”

Nuke Proof Suit The Simpsons Movie
Jehst/The Simpsons Movie

I’m goin’ global so folk are all approachin’ me locally
Hoping that I grab the mic, I’m like “Hokily dokily”
Straight Ned Flanders
Blaze trees and leave dead branches

5. Phonte – “Long Time Coming”

Charity Starts at Home The Simpsons Movie
Phonte/The Simpsons Movie

Start sentencing all of you slob-ass niggas
Quick to ass kiss like it’s-your-job-ass niggas
Sideshow-Bob-ass niggas

4. Anacron – “Yeah (Still Affiliated)”

Who's Who? The Simpsons Movie
Anacron/The Simpsons Movie

You know that Creole lingo, niggas bump my singles
because they paint vivid images like Marge did to Ringo

3. Drake – “Good Girls Go Bad”

So Far Gone The Simpsons Movie
Drake/The Simpsons Movie

Do it girl, I’ll be the King to your Queen Latifah
I love ya ass like Milhouse love Lisa

2. Apathy – “Monster”

Apathy The Simpsons Movie
Apathy/The Simpsons Movie

I’m sharp as a box cutter, better start flinchin’

Put spikes through your head until you look like Bart Simpson

1.    Masta Ace- Spread It Out

Masta Ace The Simpsons Movie
Masta Ace/The Simpsons Movie

Pretty much the entire song. Listen for yourself: TC Mark


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