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Here’s What I’ve Learned After 5 Months Of Being A Dad

Since my son was born five months ago, I like to think that I’ve learned something. Like about how to be a parent, or an adult, or even just a human being. But I don’t know, I’m thinking about it now, I want to be able to deliver all these poignant truths of learned wisdom, I want to sound like I’ve really grown and matured.

Why Are You So Pissed Off About Cecil The Lion

Does anyone else get a little uncomfortable when the entire Internet all of the sudden decides to simultaneously agree on a singular issue? Usually I go online expecting to see a steady stream of bickering and debate, like my Aunt Joan arguing about gun control with one of my college roommates in the comments of a status update I wrote about going to see Ant-Man last weekend.

Donald Trump Did Not Steal Your Lunch Out Of The Office Refrigerator

So if I were you, I’d make absolutely sure that you understand the consequences of making such an unwarranted and baseless claim against a man as powerful as Donald Trump. Because let me be clear here: if I see a headline, if I see so much as an Internet blurb with the words “Trump” and “lunch” in the same sentence, I am going to bury you in litigation.

This Is Why Everyone Should Get Excited About Free Slurpee Day

I always forget about Free Slurpee Day. Every year, July 11th rolls around, 7/11, and by the time I realize that everyone’s drinking a free Slurpee, by the time I actually make the conscious connection between the proliferation of small Slurpee cups and the calendar date, it’s usually too late.

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