30 People Discuss The Scariest Movie They’ve Ever Seen

Horror is such a subjective experience. Something that is terrifying to one person isn’t the least bit scary to someone else. We asked 30 people to share the one movie that freaked them out more than any other. Here are their answers:

1.Mike, 39

I saw Night of the Living Dead when I was a kid and had nightmares for a week. I can’t even watch a scary movie anymore because it freaked me out so much.

2. Julie, 29

Some people might not agree, but I was terrified the first time I saw Blair Witch Project. It was a midnight advance showing an hour from my house and, after the screening, my friend and I got lost. In the woods. I’ll never forget it.

3. Kyle, 31

A lot of younger people may not be familiar with Dario Argento, but Suspiria is one of the scariest movies ever made. His entire catalog is worth watching, but if you’re going to pick one, it has to be Suspiria.

4. Maria, 28

I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street when I was 8 and I don’t think scared is even the word for it. I was scarred. Don’t get me wrong, I love it now, but the amount of fear it injected into me was unbelievable.

5. Molly, 46

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre may not seem that scary now, but I remember when it came out and those stories about people running out of the theater crying are completely true. I don’t ever remember a movie having the kind of impact it had.

6. NIKKI, 31

The Ring
The Ring

There was an old well outside the house we lived in during college, so needless to say The Ring caused the rest of my nights in that house to be a bit unsettling.

7. Andy, 40

How could anyone say anything other than The Exorcist? I still can’t watch that movie at night and I’m 40 years old.

8. Cameron, 28

The scariest movie I’ve ever seen is probably the most underrated; Event Horizon. Those flashes of hell are some of the scariest things I could have imagined. I went to church with my mom for a year after watching it.

9. SCOTT, 20


The original Thai version of Shutter is so scary. Don’t watch the terrible American remake; watch the Thai one and get ready to sleep with the lights on.

10. Danielle, 24

Halloween is definitely the scariest movies I’ve seen. A soulless monster that hunts down babysitters on Halloween night? No thank you.

11. Spencer, 24

I saw Hellraiser a few years ago for the first time and there was something so dark and troubling with it. It almost made it scarier that it was a bit dated. If you haven’t seen it you really should.

12. Jon, 31

I watched The Mothman Prophecies years ago and after I finished I had to go lock up my office building. It was around midnight and when I got there it was silent except for these dogs barking in a hectic manner. They weren’t angry, but they were freaking out. Something about it just didn’t feel right so I locked that building faster than anyone has ever done anything and flew out of there.

13. Katie, 23

After I watched Amityville Horror on the way home a bird flew right into the windshield. This is late at night. Had never hit a bird before, and haven’t hit one since.

14. Mike, 29

It may not technically be a horror movie, but Final Destination messed me up for days after I went to the theater to watch it. I was certain every little thing that happened was the beginning of a chain reaction that would result in my death.

15. MARY, 30

You can hate on it all you want, but if you watch Paranormal Activity at night by yourself in your bed, you will be petrified. If not, you’re just not letting yourself get lost in the movie and truly experiencing it.

16. AMANDA, 20

The House of the Devil
The House of the Devil

House of the Devil made me quit babysitting forever. I seriously won’t do it anymore.

17. Allison, 22

When that kid says, “I am your daughter” on The Others, I’m fairly certain a little pee came out.

18. Rex, 25

You may have seen Quarantine, but you really need to see the original Spanish version called Rec. It’s soooo much scarier and is probably my all time favorite horror movie.

19. Stefan, 26

I don’t really get scared by movies, but The Loved Ones is one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen. It’s definitely troubling.

20. JAY, 26


Martyrs. That’s all I have to say. If you’ve seen it, you know that’s all the description you need.

21. Candice, 31

Being a new mom at the time, Insidious was the first horror movie I couldn’t handle because of all the stuff with the baby. I’m sure there are plenty of others that involve kids, but that one made me move our crib into my bedroom.

22. Darren, 26

There’s a movie called Seventh Moon that wasn’t very popular, but I thought was incredibly scary. I know I’m only supposed to say one, but if you like that one Lovely Molly was really scary too.

23. Josh, 23

Eden Lake is a completely different kind of scary. It’s not monsters or demons. The ending will mess you up big time.

25. KEVIN, 28

Candyman (Special Edition)
Candyman (Special Edition)

I can’t look at a mirror in the dark anymore because of Candyman.

26. Maggie, 26

The Strangers is at the top of the list for me. The way the killers toy with them and just linger in the background is so creepy. I think I’m going to watch it again tonight, actually.

27. Brian, 32

Jaws is the scariest movie I have ever seen. I still can’t go to the beach without picturing that scene where he jumps up out of the water.

28. Leigh, 27


29. PAIGE, 22


If you like scary movies, check out Them (ils). I don’t want to ruin any of it for you, but it is 100% worth checking out.

30. Aaron, 28

The Grudge ruined me. For a solid year I was terrified by certain things based on a select few scenes. The face that appears under her blanket, the hand that comes out of her head when she’s washing her hair were things I thought about on a daily basic when going to bed or showering. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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