The Federal Student Aid’s Twitter Account Posted The Dumbest Tweet You Could Possibly Imagine

For some reason the people that run government social media accounts think they need to be hilarious. The CIA opened a Twitter account June 6th and posted this zinger:

Do we really need fun tweets from government agencies? Probably not, but at least the CIA’s was harmless. The Federal Student Aid’s account, however, took it in a different direction. For some reason they decided to tweet this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.29.38 PM


The tweet has since been deleted, but not after a flood of outrage from those insulted by the tweet.

Look, no one is holding out on contacting the financial aid office because they haven’t posted enough memes. Especially memes that suggests everyone that requests financial aid is poor. TC mark

h/t Michael Hale


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    Proof that America is so dang sensitive. It was a joke. Could have been worse. Smh.

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