20 Terrible Ideas For Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors


Hey Ben and Jerry’s! If you need anyone to come with ideas as to what flavors would definitely not sell, let me know. The first step in figuring out what people like is determining what they’d definitely hate, right? That work has been done. Take a look:

1. Benghazi Delight

2. That’s My Ham

3. Actual Turtle and Cheesecake

4. Racism Swirl

5. Manson Family Mango

6. Nelly’s Band-Aid

7. Okra and Cream

8. Peanut Butter and Silica Gel

9. Boston’s Cream Guy

10. He’s Not Calling, Is He?

11. Bird’s Nest

12. Salt

13. Salted Slug

14. Slug

15. Your Uncle Greg’s Ashes and Chocolate Chips

16. Caramel and Old Lady Smell

17. Nursing Home Pudding

18. Cinnamon Carp Delight

19. John Mayer’s Finger Smell

20. Vanilla Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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