12 Signs You May Be In Love With Taco Bell


1. You’ve often wondered why there’s no such thing as a taco-scented air freshener.

2. If you find random money in your pocket you measure it by how many soft tacos it can buy.

3. Your favorite unit of measurement isn’t small, medium, or large; it’s Bellgrande.

4. You’ve petitioned for a sixth food group designated solely to Cinnamon Twists.

5. The most fluent Spanish word you speak are Taco Bell menu items.

6. If you had three wishes, one of the would be for canned Baja Blast Mountain Dew.

7. When you look for an apartment the most important feature is its distance to the nearest Taco Bell.

8. You’ve weighed out the social repercussions of naming your firstborn child Gordita.

9. You pour out an ounce of each of your drinks in memory of the late Taco Bell chihuahua.

10. You’ve been making out with someone but the whole time you were imagining they were a 7-layer burrito.

11. Instead of writing your crush’s name in bubble letters on the back of your notebook, you draw the different flavors of Doritos Tacos.

12. This doesn’t seem that crazy at all:

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