10 Snapchats Everyone Sends You (But You Secretly Have No Idea Why)

1. The Pic Of A Wall Because You Look Really Bad, But You Didn’t Want To Be Rude And Not Respond

photo 8

2. Casual Cleavage

photo 9

3. A Picture Of A TV

photo 2

4. The One With Way Too Much Text And 3 Seconds To Read It

photo 1

5. The Blurry, Shaky Concert Video That No One Could Possibly Understand


6. Food That No One Would Ever Be Excited About Seeing

photo 3

7. The Obvious Mass Snapchat That Makes No Sense Whatsoever

photo 7

8. The 30 Second Video That You Keep Watching Because You’re Sure Something Exciting Is Going To Happen, But Nope. It’s Just A Guy Drinking A Soda

photo 4

9. The Useless Pic Of A Random, Inanimate Object That They’re Excited About For Some Reason

photo 5

10. The Unexpected NSFW Thought Catalog Logo Mark

photo 6

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