The Ten Most Important Characters On Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 1 [HD]
Game of Thrones Season 1 [HD]

It can be rather confusing trying to keep up with every character on Game of Thrones. If you’ve never seen it before, good luck trying to jump in. To help you sort through all the different storylines and people, I’ve put together the ten most important characters in the show. Familiarize yourself with this group and the rest will just fall into place.

1. Bran Stark


This is Bran Stark. He was powerbombed out of a window and became crippled. You’d think that’s the worst thing that would happen to his family, but that is definitely not the case. Just like Ben Affleck on DaredevilBran has now developed special powers. He can roll his eyes back like The Undertaker and take over the body of wolf dogs. It’s not clear yet if this will directly tie in with the Cuba Gooding Jr. film Snow Dogs or if it’s just a spinoff. Either way, you need to watch Snow Dogs in order to understand most of Game of Thrones.

2. Hordor


This is Hordor. You may remember him from such lines as:



“Hordor Hordor.”

I’m not sure if George RR Martin has admitted the character is inspired by The Little Rascal’s Uh-Huh, but we all know the truth. Look for Hordor to continue to give powerful speeches and one day become king.

3. Demon Baby


Here’s the shadowy smoke demon baby you may have heard about. He’s pretty busy with other things going on so you don’t see him around very much. You’d think they’d use him all the time since he doesn’t have to obey the laws of nature, but no. He may actually be the only character on the show that hasn’t had a sex scene yet.

4. Miles Finch


Miles Finch is a renowned children’s writer and was brought in to help Buddy’s dad write a best selling children’s book. Turns out the story of Buddy the Elf was the most wonderful story of all and allowed Buddy to go marry Zooey Deschanel aka The New Girl on Fox.

5. Boobs!


A very major character in the show and usually makes 3-19 appearances per episode.

6. Loki


The adopted brother of Thor was a prisoner in Asgard, but wants nothing more than to capture the Tesseract and become the supreme ruler.

7. Not Beethoven


When Game of Thrones first started there was a big focus on these wolf dogs. I thought it would be a major part of the story, but with each episode they become less and less of a factor. At the beginning it seemed like it would be a medieval version of Beethoven, but it shows very little resemblance and I’m fairly certain Charles Grodin has little or nothing at all to do with the series. Very disappointing.

8. Olenna Tyrell


She’s not a huge character in Game of Thrones, but you probably recognize her from her past role in Pan’s Labyrinth:

Pan's Labyrinth
Pan’s Labyrinth

9. Mr. Freeze


Most people were disappointed with Joel Schumacher’s version of Mr. Freeze in his Batman movie, but Game of Thrones has revamped him and given him powers like having a beard, walking slowly, the ability to change a baby’s eye color, hair like Hulk Hogan. It’s definitely an improvement.

10. Butts!

blog010513_got2 copy

Just like the aforementioned boobs, butts also make numerous appearances in every episode. That’s it. That’s everyone you need to know. Enjoy the show! TC Mark

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