The 20 Best Rihanna Songs Of All Time


I’m going to say something that you may not agree with, but you need to accept:

Rihanna > Beyonce

Take a deep breath and let the truth sink it. You can hold my hand if you need to. We’ll make it through this together. To celebrate this newfound realization here are the 20 best Rihanna songs of all time.

20. What’s My Name

19. You Da One

18. Don’t Stop The Music

17. Loveeeeeee Song

16. Cheers (Drink To That)

15. Diamonds

14. Pour It Up

13. Watch n’ Learn

12. No Love Allowed

11. Hard

10. S.O.S.

9. Pon De Replay

8. Disturbia

7. Rude Boy

6. Unfaithful

5. Where Have You Been

4. Umbrella

3. Stay

2. Only Girl (In The World)

1. We Found Love TC Mark


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