14 #YesAllWomen Tweets That Everyone Needs To See


If you aren’t familiar with #YesAllWomen, you should definitely check outย these posts by Claudia Guthrie, Ella Ceron, and Jamie Varon. Once you’re done with those you need to read the following tweets which hopefully resonate with everyone that’s seesย them. It has to be more than a moment of awareness. It needs to become a catalyst of change. Hopefully this is just the beginning.ย TC Mark


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    Check out my blog post on this subject, and women’s right to say no

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    Nailed it.

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    […] #YesAllWomen began trending after Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree, because he couldn’t get what he wanted out of life and the men in the manosphere felt his raging hard-on against all modern women. […]

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    […] is exactly why the #YesAllWomen movement is so important. Rob Fee was kind enough to mention me in his own article on the subject. As of now, my article has been shared 1.1k times on Facebook, received 1.2k […]

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    “It’ #YesAllWomen, not #YesAllWomenAndNoManWhatsoever.” -Rob Fee

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    The #YesAllWomen campaign has amplified the sexual harassment conversation. Some Tweets for thought.

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    […] 14 #YesAllWomen Tweets That Everyone Needs To See at Thought Catalog –ย โ€œNot ALL men harass women. But ALL women have, at some point, been harassed by men. Food for thought.โ€ […]

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    […] I saw that hashtag #YesAllWomen and clicked on it so see what it meant. If you donโ€™t know go here. As I scrolled through some tweets, I was shocked. Not necessary at the content of the tweets, […]

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