14 Things You Probably Did At Church Youth Camp


1. You had to be in some sort of play or human video that you performed in front of the whole camp. It probably involved Carman’s The Champion.

2. You realized your Bible wasn’t as cool as everyone else’s, so you called your mom and let her know that as soon as you got home you needed to go buy an Extreme Teen Bible.

3. You may have kissed dating goodbye, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t make out with someone you met at camp. It’s ok, we all did it.

4. You and your friends got saved every night of camp. Literally every service ended with an altar call and you were up front for all of them.

5. You found someone that had Relient K’s first CD and was willing to trade it to you for your Audio Adrenaline Greatest Hits album. Best deal ever.

6. After they gave everyone their official camp shirt, your group thought they were the coolest because you cut the sleeves off of it. You were truly a rebel.

7. You made sure to bring your one piece bathing suit because everyone knows the #1 rule of church camp is no two piece bikinis allowed.

8. You realized that your youth group name wasn’t as cool as you thought since all of them were called something like G.R.A.V.I.T.Y, which stood for God Really Allows Virtue Inside Today’s Youth. I just came up with that, by the way.

9.  For some reason you didn’t wear shoes for, like, 75% of the time you were there.

10. One of the speakers would try to tie in one of your fun, daily activities into his message. If you did a mud run that day he would talk about how giving your life to Jesus is like washing the mud from your body. You heard it and got saved again.

11. The speakers may have been cool, but there was at least one old guy who was a board member or something, and every time he got up to speak you audibly sighed. He wasn’t mean, but he would talk about Leviticus for 30 minutes and then end it with a pop culture reference that was outdated by at least 6 years.

12. You were beyond stoked for the headlining guest of the camp, which was probably either the Katinas or Israel Houghton.

13. You ran out of money and had to bum food off your friends for the last two days of camp because you just had to buy all of the Katinas merchandise.

14. On the last day you cried and hugged all of your friends swearing you’d be best friends forever and always pray for each other. Odds are, you’re probably not still best friends. TC Mark

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