Watch: Exclusive Teaser Trailers For Season 4 Of FXX’s ‘Wilfred’ Have Arrived

WILFRED: L-R: Elijah Wood as Ryan and Jason Gann as Wilfred. CR: FX.

For three seasons we’ve laughed and cringed while watching the story of a man and a dog. As any fan of Wilfred knows, this isn’t your typical dog and this definitely isn’t your typical story. Wilfred will be entering its fourth and final season this June on its new home at FXX.

If you have any doubts as to whether or not Wilfred will still be up to his hilariously destructive ways, look no further than these exclusive teaser trailers that features Wilfred confessing his sins along with an array of other disobedient dogs from Check them out and get ready for a wild final season on FXX this June. TC Mark

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