20 Internet Headlines If Everyone Was Online In The 90s

Are You Afraid of the Dark? - The Complete First Season
Are You Afraid of the Dark? – The Complete First Season

In these times of instant information and constant updates, it’s hard to imagine a world before the Internet was such an intricate part of our daily routine. Now, every tiny morsel of news is turned into a headline on just about any website you click on. But what if the type of stories that are written today, were also written during the 90s? Your browser history would probably look a little something like this:

1. Life Hack: How to Get Your Slap Bracelet Into School If They’ve Been Banned

2. The 10 Most Amazing GIFs from the Isuzu Amigo Commercial

3. Blossom, Bubbles, or Buttercup: 10 Questions To Determine Which Powerpuff Girl is Your Spirit Animal

4. 20 Real Life Stories That Are Scarier Than Any Episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

5. 18 Celebrities We Want to See Slimed in 97

6. Are We Too Dependent on Technology? How to Stop Checking the Answering Machine As Soon As You Walk in the Door

7. Is a Good Burger Good For You? 8 Gluten Free Alternatives

8. What If The Faculty Happened At Your School? How To Know If Your Teachers and Friends Are Aliens

9. Do The Steps of Knowledge on Legends of the Hidden Temple Educate Kids More Than the Public School System?

10. Season 5 of Saved by the Bell Premieres: No Kelly, No Jessie, No Thanks!

11. Yahoo Answers: Is that really Ben Stein’s Money?

12. This 8 Minute Video Will Get You Caught Up on Twin Peaks Before Next Week’s Finale

13. Is Dexter’s Laboratory Secretly Teaching Kids How to Make Meth?

14. Carmen Sandiego Accidentally Leaves Location Turned On In An Instagram Selfie; Found Immediately

15. How to Make Your Own Dancing Baby From Ally McBeal Halloween Costume

16. 25 DIY Ways To Customize Your Rollerblades

17. My Parents Try To Make Me Snap Both of the Straps on My Overalls. Help!

18. 50 Shades of Awesome: The New Hypercolor Shirts That Aren’t Even Out Yet

19. How to Make Any Third Eye Blind Song Into a MIDI Ringtone For Your Nokia 5110

20. Which Shoe Is For You: British Knights, Filas, or Reebok Pumps TC Mark

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