The 12 Greatest TGIF Shows Ever Made

Dinosaurs - The Complete First and Second Seasons
Dinosaurs – The Complete First and Second Seasons
Remember when the cool thing to do on Friday night was stay in and watch TGIF? Maybe that wasn’t completely true, but for us not out partying it was a delightful alternative. As much as networks struggle for solid Friday night ratings, the fact that TFIF flourished is a feat within itself. While not every show was a hit, here’s the countdown of the 12 greatest TGIF shows ever made.

12. Clueless

[youtube=]After the success of the film, a television version was inevitable. Stacey Dash and Donald Faison made the transition, but Alicia Silverstone had become a star and didn’t join the crew. The show ran from 1996-1999 with mixed reviews, but it was still great to see the Clueless world expanded beyond the film.

11. Dinosaurs

[youtube=]While some claimed it was a rip-off of The Simpsons, this goofy family of dinosaurs entertained us for four seasons and created more catch phrases that I’m willing to admit I had printed onto a t-shirt.

10. Sister, Sister

[youtube=]Sister, Sister jumped onto TGIF in 1994 and followed the antics of twin sisters Tia and Tamera who know, unfortunately, have a reality show. Unless Jackee Harry turns out to be your actual mom, I’m not interested.

9. Just the Ten of us

[youtube=]This show is why I was terrified to have a daughter. The story finds a football coach, along with his wife and 8 children, moving to California where his daughters go crazy dating players on the team. I can’t imagine the panic attacks that coach had every night.

8. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

[youtube=]Melissa Joan Hart was a witch before witches, vampires, and werewolves were cool. Every time I visited an animal shelter I looked for a cat like Salem hoping I could get a magical, talking cat as well.

7. Perfect Strangers

[youtube=]Balki and Cousin Larry ruled TGIF hanging around for 8 seasons and allowing for us to hear that amazing theme song for nearly a decade. Seriously, I have that song on my iPod. It’s awesome.

6. Mr. Belvedere

[youtube=]You can tell things were much better financially in the ‘80s because we had comedies about having a butler and not about going to Coinstar twice per week. Mr. Belvedere was one of the original TGIF shows and lasted six seasons until 1990.

5. Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

[youtube=]Who didn’t want to hang out with Mark Curry? The cast was amazing with Omar Gooding, Raven-Symone, Holly Robinson Peete, and even Nell Carter. Thank goodness we got 5 fantastic seasons out of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper before its final farewell in 1997.

4. Step by Step

[youtube=]The show saw its ups and downs (I’m not referring to the opening rollercoaster scene, either.) including the addition and abrupt disappearance of Cousin Cody and the near cancelation after season 5 that was only saved by Bronson Pinchot and Jason Marsden becoming recurring characters. Nonetheless it was a staple part of TGIF and one of the best shows of the entire run.

3. Boy Meets World

[youtube=]Is there any other show with a stronger following after more than a decade than Boy Meets World? Lost fans weren’t as obsessed as Cory and Topanga lovers. I’m sure the announcement of a new Boy Meets World series left them all openly weeping with joy at the chance to spend some more time with Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter.

2. Family Matters

[youtube=]For nearly a decade over 9 seasons we got to watch Urkel drive Carl Winslow to the brink of insanity/manslaughter. Every cast member was great and provided just the right change of pace to make it such a fantastic show. The reruns are still as beautiful as ever.

1. Full House

[youtube=]Sure the storylines were ridiculous and the dialogue was absurdly cheesy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I watched every last episode. I could have done with 90% of Uncle Joey’s awful impressions but I can tolerate it to see Jesse and the Rippers rock out on multiple occasions. You’ll live on in Nick at Night immortality, Full House. TC Mark

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