10 Must-See Videos That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

10 Must-See Videos That Are Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

With so much negativity and hate being spread every day, it’s good to take a moment and remember that there’s still so much good in the world. Let’s take a break from terrible news for just a moment and cleanse our pallets with a few videos to brighten your day. Just a warning, some will make you cry, but I promise you’ll feel great by the time you’re done.

Here’s an absolutely adorable little girl singing the National Anthem and, if I’m being quite honest, she’s not that bad!

Instead of just giving this homeless vet some spare change, he was given a complete life makeover. It’s a fantastic transformation.

I don’t know where they found these 85-year old best friends, but I would totally watch a reality show that was just cameras following them around all day.

In a demonstration of the power of music, nursing home workers let an elderly man listen to music from his era and he completely lights up.

I can’t watch this one without crying, but it’s the story of a mother getting to hear her daughter’s heartbeat one last time.

A group found an ingenious way to brighten up the day for a few New York subway train conductors.

A woman is reunited with her dog that went missing four years ago and now he won’t leave her side. Be right back, I’m going to hug a puppy.

A group on a boat came upon a whale tangled up in a net. They finally got him freed and you have to see what this amazing creature does next.

After failing numerous math tests, a young man finally passes and sets up a hidden camera to capture his father’s reaction. It’s priceless.

OK let’s stop it with the tears and enjoy the catchiest song we’ve been blessed with in the last 20 years. God bless you, R. Kelly. You may be a crazy person, but at least you gave us this! TC Mark


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