5 Reasons You Should Start Your New Year’s Resolutions Today

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Shutterstock / Champ008

December is an eventful month. The cheerfulness of the holidays, family and all that goes with end of year jubilant culminations makes for an exciting time. Or an arduous and stressful time, depending on how you view it. Though, regardless of how stressed out we get and how much we air our grievances on how we’re dreading that yearly trek to Uncle George’s house for the awkward conversations we never finished the year before; we are sure to gratefully indulge in our family’s company and celebrate the holidays nonetheless.

Before you know it, it’s Dec. 31st and you’re putting on your best look for one last grip-n-rip of the year. Looking at yourself in the mirror thoughts start to cross your mind of resolutions you are going to carry into the New Year. Or even worse, you came up with a list earlier in the month, and have been longing for this night only in anticipation of popping your crossfit cherry bright and early on New Year’s Day. Either way you had to put yourself through that stressful yearly process of letting your mind race over your flaws because #NEresolution is trending worldwide; and “their” right, you do need to make some positive changes in your life.

They are right. You can always improve. But who says you have to wait until the New Year? Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t wait until Dec. 31st to right the ship:

  1. You forgot your resolution from last year.

It’s true. Try to think back and remember that empty promise you made to yourself at the end of last year. Now try to remember when you forgot about it because life got in the way and you had more important things to worry about than learning how to play the Hyperbass Flute.

  1. You get a head start.

Just think while everyone’s busy making their holiday plans, slogging eggnog at the local hole in the wall, or spending countless hours untangling Christmas lights; you’d have the luxury of enjoying a vacant and quiet gym. Imagine an abandoned gym; free of sweat-laden equipment and machine hoggers who can’t finish a 2 minute set without checking their instagram. Yea, you’ll have to withstand a rampaging steed of resolution goers in January, but you’ll have had a solid foundation to work from and the wherewithal to stick it out when all they all quit after 1 week of thunder squats.

  1. You’ll feel better about yourself.

We tend to overindulge in December. We overindulge in food and beverage consumption, particularly adult beverage consumption; overindulge in spending, and overindulge in laziness and convenience. Hell, we live in an amazon primed world where virtually anything can be on your doorstep in less than two days. It’s almost like we can’t wait for January to hit so we can press the reset button on our overindulging tendencies. Basically, forfeiting December as a month to post-pone self-improvement, because what’s the sense in starting something new with the holidays coming up?

  1. You’re not setting yourself up for failure.

The stats are around the internet somewhere, but something like 40% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions. And only 8% of those people successfully achieve their New Year’s Resolution. My guess is the reason most people fail is because they were forced to make a careless resolution. They probably never even planned to make one in the first place. It might have never even crossed their mind until it came up in a happy hour conversation after their babbling co-workers 3rd 6% craft beer. Then they think, shit everyone’s got a resolution, I should probably come up with one. And the truth is they’re only coming up with a resolution because someone else they know came up with a resolution for themselves. If you want to succeed in improving yourself through positive change, it has to come from within, naturally. Forcing yourself into an improvement scenario because your co-worker decided their pledging to lead a healthier lifestyle this year is a formula for failure.

  1. It’s the right thing to do.

You can’t deny it. Sure, this might not be the best time right now. But that doesn’t mean that January will be any better. I’m not big on the term resolution. To me it sounds, negative, like something’s wrong and needs to be resolved. I’d rather use improvement, progression, or positive change. Positive change and improvement is welcome in our lives every day of the year. Even if it’s little things like waking up 15 minutes earlier, eating a banana instead of donut in the morning, or saving $1 a day. Small daily wins can go a long way in grand scheme, and can help set you up for achieving success in more detailed and greater improvements.   The only difference between today and New Year’s day is time. And although your time might be limited this month, you’ll be better off spending a fraction of it working towards improving yourself than waiting till the New Year to make a hasty decision on a resolution, only to fail at it a week later. You don’t need to wait until the #NYE is trending worldwide to improve yourself. Because whatever you decide to “resolve” this New Year, there’s no reason why you can’t start working towards it today. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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