I Used To Be A Makeup Artist Until I Realized ‘Soul Makeovers’ Are More Important

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We live in a society where we are intrinsically focused on our outer reality. The media teaches us that our sense of worth lies in our physical appearance.

We are taught that our beauty lies in the size of our bra cup, our six pack, the color of our skin, or the amount of hearts and likes we get on social media.

Personally, you can show me the most physically beautiful person in the world, but if that person has no character, no integrity, no inner beauty; outer beauty will mean absolutely nothing to me.

Before I began following my calling as a writer, I worked as a makeup artist. To this day, I love playing with makeup. It is truly an art form for me. But working in the sales aspect of that industry, I realized how superficial it all was: forcing people to buy stuff they didn’t need.

During my waking hours, in order to rest my soul at night, I did my best to take the role I had as a makeup artist and turn it into something more meaningful.

I decided that when I applied lipstick on a client, I would also make sure to have them express to me their silenced voice.

When I created a Smokey eye, I made sure they looked at themselves in the mirror and saw their real self, who they truly are inside.

I allowed people to talk and share as I gave them their makeover.

That’s when I realized, as wonderful as it is being a makeup artist, I knew there was a different kind of art my soul desired to express.

In order to empower women and to make them feel beautiful, I knew that I had to help them create a deep-rooted transformation, a real change, one beyond changing their eye shadow color or shade of blush.

I wanted nothing more than to dive into those women’s souls and wake them up to their true beauty, their authentic power.

Over the years, I’ve learned that in order to better our lives, in any area, inner transformation must take place. So I decided that soul makeovers were what I wanted to give people!

And so, I began the journey of making over my own soul.

I began to dive deep within my own self, and to unleash the beauty that lied within this shell of mine.

I began to follow my heart, unravelling a big layer in my life, which had previously stopped me from being my true self.

I began being open and vulnerable, which revealed, to myself and to others, a new kind of beautiful.

I began to shed the things and people that were weighing me down.

I began to listen to the whispers of my heart.

I began to love my flaws and to forgive myself for my mistakes.

Simply put, I began to love myself.

And after endless soul searching and inner change, I began to feel BE-YOU-ti-FULL. I began to feel beautiful, because I felt FULL by being me.

I began to feel a sense of worth, and felt my true beauty shine at last.

More than fashion or hair makeovers, I truly believe that the world needs soul makeovers. I strongly feel in my heart that we must all dive deep within, and experience our true beauty and worth so that we can then share who we are with the world.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing nice clothes or getting your hair and makeup done, but those things can be enjoyed even more if we can first feel beautiful on the inside.

Your soul has multifaceted shades that are as beautiful as can be, which have the ability to color and brighten this world.

Moreover, a soul makeover means finding the courage to live your truth, staying true to who you are, and honoring the life you came here to live. It means tapping into your highest self, and from there, taking the necessary steps to fulfill the calls of your heart.

Completely changing and making over our lives can be terrifying, but it can also be exciting. At the end of the day, it’s really up to us to decide if we want to live a life of fear or a life of excitement.

There are many moments in my life where fear shows up, and it’s a normal part of life, but what I’ve noticed is that it usually disappears the instant I get excited about something.

There’s no room for fear within joy and excitement.

So next time you find yourself fearful, try to find something that really gets you excited and move towards that direction. I promise you that fear won’t be able to survive in those beautiful places.

Having a soul makeover shouldn’t be scary, it should be exciting!

You have the chance to start your life all over again, and most importantly, begin your new life with the person you truly are and not the person others told you to be.

Through your transformation, through your soul’s makeover, and uncovering the real you, you will make this world a more beautiful and enchanting place.

I know for me, I do my best to show up as myself, to honor my calling, and to serve, because I want to make this world a beautiful place one soul makeover at a time.

What does beauty mean to you?

What can you change in your life to help you feel more beautiful on the inside?

What aspects of your soul do you love the most?

What is your soul calling you to do? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rita Jade is a writer, poet, healer and inspirational speaker.

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