I Wish Depression Was Glamorous Like In The Movies

Twenty20 / @wiesmannnn
Twenty20 / @wiesmannnn

When I meet my therapist she asks
if I’m ready to start medication now.
I tell her I’m not because I want
it to be like the movies.
In the movies when you’re depressed
everything is better.
The pretty girl dates you so that
she can fix you.
Your friends throw regular pity parties
and you’re always the guest of honor.
Whiskey is easier to drink.
You’re instantly considered a better poet.
Bob Dylan sings in the background
as you wash dishes.
Smoking cigarettes while wearing black
prevents any sort of cancer.
When you retell a sob story, everyone’s
eyes do a slow zoom on your face.
Staring into the distance and speaking
makes you a deep soul.
Every speech fetches you a round of slow claps.
Your parents actually apologize for
their terrible mistakes.
Your siblings always tell you you’re right.
Everyone has fortune cookie wisdom.
In the movies your therapist is better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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