This Is How Heartbreak Can Inspire You

Heartbreaks can be life-inspiring, only if you allow them to be. When you get your heart torn apart by someone, you go through a range of emotions – from sadness to confusion to anger…and then finally to acceptance. People process things in their own way, and it might take some a shorter or longer time to do that. I think the way you view things in life can ultimately change how you go through difficult situations. Every time I have had a heartbreak or down points in life related to my job or living situation, I have always come out stronger and a better person for it – the ultimate lows end up building character. It’s true; you can’t have the highs without the lows.

The way you view and act upon these situations is the key to life-inspiring moments. I recently had my heart broken, but it only took me three days to get over the guy. In the process I have come out with a new view on relationships; they should be true and honest, bloom in an organic way, and survive the worst together. I have become more aware of noticing all the red flags and to end things before they get worse. No one should ever have to feel disrespected, neglected, or that they don’t matter – especially if it is a romantic connection involving your heart.

To view life in a more positive outlook will make you happier. The mind is a powerful thing, and to have control over what you allow yourself to feel can free yourself from destruction. On heartbreak day two, a guy who I hadn’t gotten a chance to know for over a year reached out, “Hey! Remember me?!” I decided it was a good distraction, so on day three I went out on a date and realized that there are so many eligible people out there – do not let one make you sad for too long, or you will miss out of the opportunity to meet the one who is more right for you. The one who picks you up at your place, who opens doors, helps put on your jacket, knows the right things to order on the menu…The one who can fill a quiet little restaurant with our laughs and make everyone else in the room disappear.

On day four, here I am inspired to divulge into the first piece I’ve written since college essays, something I never would have done had I not gotten hurt. Allow yourself to cry over a heartbreak, but let it change you. Be inspired to pick up new hobbies, book a vacation to a foreign country, focus on your relationships with friends and family, become aware of your faults and the little unique things that make you, you. All the people you date are like stepping stones leading you to who you ultimately want to be with in life. Serendipity works in mysterious ways, and I am a believer of how things come together in funny, yet pre-destined circumstances. This is kismet. This is life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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