When Self Doubt Is Trying To Drown You

 Ben White
Ben White

We all have our fair share of insecurities or may have experienced a love and hate relationship with our self-esteem. We’d always find flaws within us and feel bad about them.

At some point in our lives, we have invested emotions on people who cannot return the feelings, rejected by the people we love, by the job we wanted, or by the friends we wished to sit with at lunch.

All of us may know at least one person who seems to have received all the gifts from her three fairy godmothers — beauty, intellect, and talent. And you can’t help but question how on earth that she happened to possess all those qualities while you weren’t given at least one. Then you started believing that life isn’t really fair.

When that happens, you have to protect yourself from yourself, and from the threat of self-destruction.

Stop feeding yourself with negative thoughts such as I can’t, I hate my body, I’m too small, too fat, not pretty enough, not smart enough, because darling you are more than enough. Stop hating the person in the mirror, instead, start telling her that she is amazing and she is loved.

Do not cry over a boy who doesn’t see your beauty because girl, you don’t need a man or a thousand likes to remind you of how beautiful you are.

Do not be too frustrated when you feel like everyone found their shape while you are still clueless about what yours would be.

I understand that it is scary to know that you are meant for something better but to not realize what you really want. But you are still young, and at your age, you are not yet required to have your life completely figured out yet.

You have to stop thinking too hard and just let life naturally flow because sometimes an answer comes when you are not expecting for one.

Do not stress yourself too much on meeting other people’s expectations. Though it is good to want to make them happy, do not forget that above all, you have to make yourself happy first. Instead of keeping all of your frustrations to yourself, it won’t hurt to admit that you are still confused and unsure about your plans; you can always find strength in your family.

Learn to swim away from the ocean of self-doubt and start walking on the land of possibilities. Stop living in a box and start challenging yourself on the things scare you.

Do not waste an opportunity to grow just because you are not confident. Step out of your comfort zone, let go of the negative thoughts and start accepting compliments from people and believe that it is true. Embrace your flaws and do not hate yourself for committing mistakes, instead, learn from them. Despite the crashing and falling along the way, never ever give up on yourself.

Along the way, some people might turn their backs on you but don’t you dare turn your back on yourself. Get back, rebuild yourself, and be a woman of character. Do not wait for superman, be your own hero.

And the next time you’ll catch yourself staring at the girl in the mirror, promise her that she will always be loved, however she’d become.

So sweetheart, when all your questions remain unanswered still when you can’t seem to find your silver lining, hang in there. Just hang on the fact that some people shine later on, and when they do, their light will shine forever, and so will yours.
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