7 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Searching For Your Person

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1. You do not know if there will be a tomorrow, so why not make the best of today?

Oftentimes we forget how things can change in an instant and we go around taking two times longer to reply to that guy or girl we like, act like we have something better to do, try not be the first one to text, and eventually jeopardize our almost relationships.

It may not seem fun without such trivial mind games but that’s all it will ever be. Be the bigger person, text when you want to talk, reply if and when you see the text, make plans, make time, and share your feelings. Just love.

2. Disappointments and heartbreaks are inevitable.

Most of us give up on the idea of falling in love after one or two failed relationships. We start thinking that maybe we are just not meant to be in a relationship.

We go around with this idea that every relationship will eventually fail. It may be true but how else can we find the one or whatever it is we wish to find?

You shouldn’t let your past keep you from beginning a new relationship. Of course you will have fights and heartbreaks sometimes, but you will also have lots of kisses and love.

3. Your ego could use some massage.

We are all slaves to our ego, which is why compliments give us confidence while insults bring us down.

We could really use some massage. And relationships are the best way to get that.

Ultimately, we find comfort in those who like us for who we are, encourage us to chase our dreams, and just accept us. So, being with someone like that could be good for us and our egos.

4. Mistakes are better than what ifs.

“Do not let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

If you have watched A Cinderella Story then you know how Sam got everything she wanted after she decided to just face her fears. Although this is just a movie, we should all be like Sam.

Instead of overthinking and wondering if it will work out, just take the chance and find out. Wouldn’t you rather say, oh well instead of I should have?

5. You will always have a story to tell.

You would think that this isn’t a good reason to fall in love, but it actually is. Every time you go out with your friends, get drunk, and talk about failed relationships, would you really enjoy being the one with nothing to share? Probably not.

But on a serious note, when you are with someone, there is always so much happening and those are such good memories. Wouldn’t it be nice to tell your grandkids the story of how you met their grandmother or grandfather? They could always learn something from your past relationships and know how each one led you to the one.

6. What could you possibly lose?

Some people make such a big deal about falling in love. They are so picky that eventually they end up being alone. Honestly there is nothing wrong with that and even I am the same but I have come to realize that by being picky, I have probably missed out on so many good relationships.

You are not getting married to the person, so what could you possibly lose? Of course if he or she breaks your heart then it’s going to be tough to move on, but we can’t always expect happy endings. If anything, with each relationship we should expect to learn something and I am sure we always will.

7. You deserve to love and be loved.

Some of us are happy and content on our own and we feel like we don’t need anyone else to make us happy. That’s actually great, but even then there are times when loneliness gets the best of us, which is why we could all use a little bit of love.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done, we all deserve to love and be loved. So, keep falling in love, hopelessly and wholeheartedly.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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