A Woman’s Body Is Powerful, Sexual, And Beautiful

Walk into any museum around the world and you will be surrounded by paintings and sculptures of the human figure. It’s powerful and emotional…
Photo provided by Rina Nath
Photo provided by Rina Nath

Nudity and nipples can actually be a big deal to some people. I am sure there are people who would consider some of my pics borderline pornographic. You sort of fall into an interesting situation with photography where it has sort of become almost shameful to admit, there is a sexual element. There is!

Sex doesn’t just sell but is a fundamental part of human nature. You can embrace it and produce interesting work with it being a key component or you can go down the other path and make interesting work by producing asexual or ambiguous imagery. Nudity doesn’t have to be sexual, just that we shouldn’t be ashamed if it is. After all breasts are some of the first things people encounter as babies.

A friend of mine who is also an Actress shunned me for taking/showing nude artsy photos of myself, saying how it might bite me in the ass down the road. Trained Actors don’t do nude photos. I suppose she’s right, but for many Actors, nude photos have given their careers a huge boost! OK, so I’m NOT saying that I’m going to take nude pics in the hopes that it will magically boost my career… but I still feel tasteful nude photography is a beautiful art, and haven’t ruled it out just yet! ;) 

Being Nude is not a sexual statement; it means I am comfortable in my skin. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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