Only Girls Break Men’s Hearts. Real Women Drive Men Insane.

A girl will break your heart but a real woman will drive you insane.

Sexiness is so much more than style, wardrobe, attitude and swag and certainly more than exposed skin-to-clothes ratio.

Not much is sexier to me than:

  • Someone who humbly exudes self-confidence, loves life and loves what they spend their time doing.
  • Intelligence. A characteristic of the dangerously sexy!
  • Happy people. They’re in touch with their feelings, spend time learning, accepting and developing. To have that kind of inner calm, self-awareness and forward momentum is highly attractive.
  • One who doesn’t think the word “Monogamy” is a dirty word.
  • Thoughtfulness, along with a Generous heart, a great sense of humor, wit and a passionate soul is fucking sexy for me!

These attributes will never dull or fade & should be our clearest and most used mirror. 

The epitome of the unsexy? A man who:

  • is arrogant, self-absorbed, narcissistic, whiny, insecure, accusing, blaming, an irresponsible victim of life.
  • tries to camouflage his lies or hidden agenda behind fancy words & lacks the courage to stand up to the reality of their life.
  • is Stingy. LOL, So highly unattractive, at least to me ;)
  • A Player, one who can’t decide on one woman.

Our generation is held hostage by youth, thin bodies, big-bosomed, full-lipped, taut skin and sculpted faces as the epitome of sexy. But eventually, youth fades to grey. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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