If He Doesn’t Treat You Like A Priority, He Is Toxic For You

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Sometimes you need to learn to let people go.

Sometimes in your life there is a person who is toxic, who just does not care about you or the way that you feel in the slightest. No matter how much you care about them, sometimes you just need to let that person go.

Think about how they make you feel. Someone does not need to make you happy all the time to be worth keeping around because no relationship of any sort is perfect, but the bad days can’t be higher in numbers than the good ones.

You cannot be crying over this person more than you are smiling. You cannot dread seeing this person because you know that it might end badly, or in a fight. That is not healthy in any way.

As well, you cannot live your life waiting for someone to text you back. You cannot watch someone open your messages and never reply constantly, or feel like you must text them twice for them to answer you once.

You cannot live your life if you send them something knowing that they are either not going to answer at all, or that it will be hours before you get a reply.

If someone wants to talk to you they will. Someone can tell you that they are busy all they want, but someone who sees you as a priority will make time for you.

It’s all about effort, no matter what kind of relationship you have with someone, whether it is a friendship or a romantic relationship. If a relationship is one-sided, where one person has to fight for the attention of another, the relationship is not going to work.

Watching someone give other things or other people priority over you is painful. It’s even more painful when someone that you have made a priority doesn’t make you a priority in their life.

If someone does not try to spend time with you or talk to you, they do not deserve to be in your life, or at the very least not a priority in your life.

It’s hard to rid yourself of toxic people once you have become attached to them but it’s something that people have to do. Whether they changed in the worst ways, or they were toxic the whole time and you were just blind to it, they do not deserve a place in your life.

Your life is supposed to be full of people and things that make you happy. You are supposed to wake up every day with a smile on your face and excitement for the day ahead.

If something is preventing you from doing that, you need to get rid of that pain from your life. If you wake up every morning dreading the day ahead of you because of a specific person and the way they are going to treat you, or the fights that you are going to have, you need to remove them from your life.

Sometimes people hide the fact that they are toxic well. You could fall in love with someone who you think is perfect and a few months into the relationship they could start doing things that you view as problems, that they are at fault for, but they will spin it so it is either your fault or you are just crazy.

Either way it is all you. They are not at fault in the slightest. They could say that you just do not know how to handle a relationship, or you are just crazy when in fact they made you crazy.

I have been called crazy so many times by an ex. I have been told so many times that he’s ignoring me because he’s too busy, but he will open every single message that I send.

I have been told that it is not important for him to talk to me because our conversations are not significant or worth his time. I have been told that he does not want to talk to me because I am too negative and that I bring him down, when really, I am negative and in bad moods because of things that he does.

He was the kind of boyfriend that does not make you a priority at all and then tells you that you are not ready for a relationship when you try to tell him that that is not how it should be. He should not consider every other aspect of his life as more of a priority than his girlfriend, but as soon as I bring that up, I am crazy.

We tried to be friends after we broke up because I did care about him and I did not want to lose him completely. I think that that was the worst mistake I have ever made.

He ignored me constantly, I’d send him something and he’d just open it. I’d send him something else and again he’d ignore me. It was to the point where he honestly treated me like I was nothing more than a burden to him.

I was not important to him, I was not worth his time in his mind, and he did not care about me. No matter how many times he tried to tell me that he was just busy, I was not believing that.

No matter how busy someone is, if you are important to them they will make time. I had to learn that the hard way.

If you break up with someone and try to be friends with them, good on you. Maybe it will work out in your favor.

But if someone carries the biggest problem that you had in your relationship into your friendship, and makes it worse by increasing how much it happens, that is not going to work out in anyone’s favor.

The problems that ended the relationship needed to end with the relationship, otherwise a breakup on good terms could turn nasty a lot faster than you ever thought possible.

Sometimes people just do not understand that the things they do impact other people. That ignoring someone constantly makes them feel like they are not worth your time, even though it is the other way around.

People do not understand that other people have emotions and feelings and you can not just treat them however you want to, or the way that works best for you.

People can be toxic and not care about you in the slightest and honestly, just let them go. You do not need toxic people in your life who just make you unhappy when you have so much to be happy about.

Wait for people to come around that treat you like a priority and as though you are important.

Whatever you do, do not waste your precious time on people who do not treat you like you are important to them when you have people that will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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