You Left Her No Choice

You Left Her No Choice

The moment she told you how she felt about you; how much she cares and loves you is the moment when she left her heart unguarded.

She will never be yours if she hadn’t chosen you for a reason. A strong woman like her wouldn’t settle herself for someone who’s not worthy of the love she can give. She’s the type of woman who rarely entrusts her heart to someone because she was hurt before. She knows how painful goodbyes are, how deceiving almost relationships are and how hard it feels to start all over again after having a heartbreak.

Meeting someone like you made her feel happy in a different way. She didn’t think that someone would come her way and change her life in a positive direction. It’s like every minute spent with you is like a fairytale dream come true for her.

She even told her self that you’re the one for her, not because you’ve exceeded her expectations; rather, she saw you and loved you for who you are and not what she wants you to be.

But when you started screwing things up, everything suddenly changes.

Every unanswered calls and text made her feel like she’s not your priority. Every time you and she fought reminded her of the pain she got from old scars. Every canceled plans and date made her think she’s not enough for your time and attention. And every night she cries alone, made her want to give up because she’s tired of hurting again for the same reasons. She’s tired of all these dramas.

Let me remind you that she chose you because she’s ready to love and get hurt again. She knows that without pain, there is no compassion. Thus, she thought that maybe you’re the guy who would never hurt her the way she got hurt by her past.

So if she suddenly gave you a cold shoulder; ignored your texts and calls, decided not to get mad at you anymore, not to care if you two still talk about life and stuff–then, you left her with no choice but to let you go.

Because if you really want her to stay in your life, you wouldn’t have to commit repeated mistakes. You shouldn’t have made her feel bad at herself for getting mad at you. You should’ve asked her what’s wrong instead of just letting things be. You shouldn’t have put her through that same old heartache she already went through.

If you were the right one for her, you shouldn’t have come close to losing her. A streak of fear from losing a lifetime of a chance to be with her wouldn’t have crossed your mind. Because you should’ve given her multiple choices on how to be with you and not the other way around.

Sadly, you let her with no choice. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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