This Is Your Reminder That God Loves You

This Is Your Reminder That God Loves You

This is for you when you feel like the world is crumbling right before your eyes. I may not know how painful things are going on in your life right now, but Someone does and He loves and cares for you even though you don’t believe in Him. God sees everything that you keep on hiding behind those smiles and every time you tell other people, “I’m okay.”

He sees and feels your struggles. Every time you cry alone in the middle of the night, wishing and hoping for tomorrow to be better or for a miracle to happen. He listens to every silent word your heart bears. Maybe the reason why we suffer is because God wants us to learn or realize something important from those circumstances. Like when you didn’t get that job it’s maybe because it is not the place where you can shine and optimize your talent. If you didn’t end up with that person it’s maybe because you’re about to lose yourself if you’re with them.

Sometimes in life, we need to lose almost everything we want in order for us to find what matters the most—ourselves. God wants us to value more of the life He has given us instead of the “life” we want to get or give to ourselves. Because not everything that we want can make us truly happy.

When God seems to be silent, He’s actually working on something to make our lives better.

Maybe you can’t feel His presence during those times where you feel most vulnerable, but believe it or not, He is with you, He always is. He never left you even for a second, even though you thought you didn’t need Him.

Remember those people who never left your side no matter how hard it is to be with you, or when something good happens in your life when you least expect it? Those are some of His ways of cheering you on and lifting you up. He wants you to keep on moving forward.

Keep moving forward.

Beautiful words, yet so hard to put into action, I know. But I believe that you can do it. Because the very moment that you’re looking for a reason to get up again is your stepping stone to moving forward. It doesn’t matter how big or small those steps are, what matters is that you are trying and you are not giving up.

Don’t give up, because bad times don’t last forever. This world may bring the worst to you and life may overwhelm you with problems, but let me remind you that God has planted a seed of goodness deep within you and it will never die if you just let it blossom. Trust and listen to what your heart says because it was designed to lead you where you truly belong. I don’t know when or how you will get there, but one thing’s for sure: You will reach it and your heart will finally be at peace.

Lastly, I want to remind you that you are loved and you will heal from everything that has torn you apart.

I promise you that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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