Date Someone Who Is A Good Kisser

man hugging his wife
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Date someone who kisses you in the morning just to remind you how blessed they are for waking up with you every single day. Someone who kisses you goodnight before sleeping to let you know how happy they are just by lying next to you. Because having you in their lives is one of the best things that has ever happened to them, and they are truly grateful for that.

Date someone who kisses you on your cheeks after watching you laugh like a child. Because seeing you laugh like that makes them fall for you so hard they want to do everything just to keep on seeing that scene everyday.

Date someone who can kiss you so sweet in the rain, better than in the movies. Someone who knows how to bring sunshine and rainbows to your rainy day. Someone who knows how to bring the best out of you when you feel so depressed with yourself. Because they feels how heavy it is for you and they never want you to feel that way again.

Date someone who kisses your tears away when your sad, angry, having a bad day or when you guys had a fight. Because knowing that you are not feeling good breaks their heart, and the only thing they can think of is how to make you feel better and happy, because your happiness is theirs too.

Date someone who knows how to kiss you when you feel insecure with yourself. If kissing you is the only way they can show you how amazing you are as a person, they will do that with all their heart. And that kiss will make you feel better and empowered. It’s like all your anxiety and the negatives in your mind vanish with just one kiss.

Date someone who will kiss you with respect and love. Someone who will not steal a kiss from you but will look at you in your eyes and tell you how much they love you. Because kissing you isn’t just a gesture of attraction, it also signifies love and affection.

Date someone who is a good kisser, and when I say good kisser, I mean someone who knows how to treat you with love and respect how and when they kiss you. Because receiving a meaningful kiss from someone you love is one of the sweetest and most genuine things you deserve to have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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