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Wait For A Love And A Person Like This

Wait for someone who feels like sunshine just by holding their hand. Someone who makes you think of happy thoughts just by looking at their eyes. Someone who tastes like cotton candy the moment their lips touch yours. Someone who feels like cloud nine just by hugging them. Wait for that person.

Wait for someone who makes you realize that endings are actually beautiful beginnings. Because when you finally meet the one, you’ll forget about those painful goodbyes. And you’d start to remember how incredible it is to love all over again. Wait for that person.

Wait for someone who sees your imperfectly beautiful soul and not just your gorgeous physique. Someone who loves and keeps on choosing you because it’s you and nobody else. Wait for that person.

Wait for someone who can also make you go crazy and wild. Someone who can put up with your weirdness and get along with you so well. Because finding someone who’s willing to be flexible for you is rare to find. Wait for that person.

Wait for someone who upsets you and at the same time, scared to lose you. Someone who’s just a mere human being who commits mistakes, but always makes an effort to not give you up. Someone who will choose you over their ego, without a doubt. Wait for that person.

Wait for someone whom you can live without, but choose not to. Someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Because waiting for true love is something you choose for yourself; a decision you made for yourself. It is an act of having faith in God’s plan while preparing yourself for it. And when the right time comes, you’ll know it for sure.

True love is someone who’s more than those butterflies in your stomach; because true love is someone who embodies different kinds of feelings, emotions and experiences in one person. And that someone will change your life in a way you never saw will happen.

Until then, wait for that person. TC mark

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