22 Little Pep Talks We All Need To Tell Ourselves Every Day

1. You are a gorgeous work of art. Claim it.

2. You can do lots of amazing things for God will strengthen you.

3. Whenever you feel lost, unwanted and insecure, remember to Whom you belong.

4. You’re the serendipity someone has been praying for all their life.

5. No one can replace you in this world, that’s how special you are.

6. It’s okay to feel lost sometimes; little detours teaches us to find our way back to where we truly belong and appreciate life more.

7. You are worthy of all the good things life can offer, just pray and have faith in Him.

8. You don’t need to conform to the needs of this world; just be yourself and God will bless you more than what you need.

9. You are not those mistakes and criticisms they always tell you, because you’re a wonderful human being created by the Almighty God. Never forget that.

10. Your beautiful soul is your best asset and weapon in this world. Take good care of it.

11. You deserve to be happy, always bare that in heart and mind.

12. You are loved by a loving God and that is more than enough to feel loved.

13. Stop belittling yourself just because you were left behind by others. Life isn’t a race, it’s more of an adventure where you experience everything at once. You’ll get what you deserve, just trust the process.

14. Don’t find the right one, be the right one first.

15. A few people who makes a strong support system is what you need in life. Keep them.

16. Setbacks in life make your bones stronger and your heart fiercer, don’t you ever give up.

17. God created you like a thousands of galaxies made into one universe, that’s how amazing you are.

18. You are someone’s happy thought every time they think of you.

19. Stay single until you meet someone worthy of all the wait and pain.

20. Stop blaming yourself for those assholes who left you hanging. It’s not your fault if they didn’t see how amazing you are. Move on from them.

21. Life has so many good things to offer. So stop dreaming and start living life to the fullest.

22. A bad day doesn’t sum up your whole life. Tomorrow is a hope for new beginnings, always remember that. TC mark

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