This Is How To Date A Goodbye Girl

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Goodbye Girls, first of all, aren’t good at saying “goodbye” because they just leave without notice or warning. They leave when things get tiresome or when they knew you’re just playing with them. They’re the type of women who never settle for less or something that would just waste their time.

Goodbye Girls are originally girls who once stayed in a relationship for quite some time. Girls like them are keepers because they know how to dedicate their heart to someone who sees their worth. But if you give them endless mixed signals, unanswered calls/texts, canceled plans, or simply you’re not just interested, they will leave without looking back.

Goodbye Girls think they’re hard to love or not worthy to love. They’ve become so cynical when it comes to soulmates, lasting relationships, and commitment.

They’re not entirely at fault because they never wanted to fall for fuckboys or for guys who never wanted to commit. Thanks to those bad experiences, they learned the art of leaving and mastered how to do it flawlessly.

You see, Goodbye Girls never liked to leave but feel like they needed to every time they were dating someone. Because at the back of their minds, they thought that you were just going to leave them, too. So to save themselves from such pain, they’ll leave you before you do. Because for them, leaving is the best way to love themselves a little bit more.

If you really want to date a Goodbye Girl, you need to show her why it’s good to stay. You need to make her believe that you won’t take her for granted because first of all you’re not that kind of guy. Show her how fun and astounding it is to date and slowly fall in love in the process all over again.

Because the truth is, she’s just waiting for someone like you to come in her life. Someone who’ll wake her up from those nightmares of running away.

Goodbye Girls are hard to please, but if they saw how genuine your intention is, they’ll trust you right off the bat. Do things that’ll make them believe in love again. Make her feel that there’s nothing to be scared of because you will take the risk with her. Help her believe that staying wouldn’t hurt her again just like before.

Lastly, make her feel happy dating you. Happiness is what they lost from always leaving a bad relationship. Make her smile more, encourage her to choose happiness over fear. Because dating and staying in love with you isn’t another heartbreak story for her to tell her friends.

So if you really want to date a Goodbye Girl, make her stay for good and never leave her side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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