Remember, This Is Us

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Every time I remember how we met, I always thought that was the most unromantic first meeting of the century.

A one of a kind relationship that didn’t start with a sweet smile, a flirty staring contest or even a “slowmo” kind of first meeting.

It all started with a simple “Hi” in a chat box.

But I never knew it would create something more romantic; something amazing and genuine. A relationship formed out of combinations: love and hate, jokes and sarcasm, weirdness and a great sense of belongingness.

Starting a new phase of life with you brought me to an exciting and thrilling kind of adventure. An experience, I was always dreaming about and at the same time, scared to take the risk and do it.

But doing so, I never knew that kind of first would bring something special that lasts for a reason.

Every time I talk to you, I never expected that I’d fall for someone like you. Someone who’s so different to me but coequally embraces the same values as mine. The first guy who could actually handle my fiery attitude, while I’m the girl who made you feel like a mad man. And you’re that ‘someone’ who is far from my ideal man but close enough to become part of my future.

Having big or small fights, we’d always end up choosing to be together. Maybe we’re both crazy to each other, or just too stubborn to let anything keep us apart. Whatever it is, I’m just grateful that it’s you and I.

And every time I let you leave, I always saw you coming back to me.

This love-hate relationship with you is everything I didn’t wished for, rather it’s everything I hoped for and will fight for. Because as the old saying goes by, “Everything happens for a reason.” And I strongly believe that God brought us together for a good reason.

It would be a lie if I wouldn’t say that I’m still a little bit skeptical about us.

But this I tell you; doubts, fears or even my anxiety won’t stop me from loving and hating you at the same time. Simply because I want this relationship to last (I hope you do too).

And because, this is us. TC mark


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