Don’t Make Her Wander

Hannah Busing / Unsplash

Don’t make her wander because you’ve already lost her if you do. She’ll find a better place where her heart would feel at ease and at home. The kind of feeling she wants when being with you. Wherein, a great sense of belongingness is right there. No more what ifs, what could’ve been or whatnots, just you and her.

Don’t make her wander because she’ll realize there’s more to life than settling to be with you. She chose you for a reason, but if you kept on disappointing her and make her feel unloved; sooner or later, she will find her way out of your life completely.

Don’t make her wander because she’ll take an adventure without you. The kind of adventure she thought she could never do because you’re not there with her anymore. But, she’s been hurt before so taking a risk to discover a different world without you wouldn’t scare her that much. Because deep inside of her, she knew and accepted the fact that nothing lasts forever in this world; like you staying in her life. Even if it’ll break her heart, she’d do it because it seems to be the right thing for her to do.

Don’t make her wander because someone might find her and be with her along the way. If you don’t value your time with her, someone out there has been waiting to meet a girl like her. Someone who’s brave enough to take that course with her because they know how amazing it will be to be with her.

Don’t make her wander because you’ll regret it, big time.

A strong woman like her could disappear in your life with a blink of an eye. You know she’s the type of woman who can live independently, and if she chose you over that freedom she’s been savoring all this time; it means you’re way beyond special. 

But sometimes, detours lead people to the right places or person where they truly belong.

So if you let her wander, it’s your loss, not hers. TC mark


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