This Is The Kind Of Guy You Should Watch Out For

Drew Wilson

Watch out for the guy who would walk into your life like a disaster. The kind of guy who they say is too good to be true, but he is genuinely a good person. He will make you realize that not every guy in this world is a jerk, who would just break your heart in a split second.

Watch out for the guy who will love you like no one else did. The kind of guy who would do anything just for the both of you to stay strong with the relationship you’re having. The guy who values commitment and loyalty, because he knows that being in a relationship with you is a lifetime of happiness.

Watch out for the guy who would simply open the door for you. Someone who’s willing to cook for you; to walk you home safely, to help you with the dishes–someone who can prove to you that chivalry is not dead, because he knows you deserve it. You deserve to be treated with a lot of respect.

Watch out for the guy who puts extra effort just to be with you. Someone who’s brave enough to court you at home and spend time with you and your family. Because he knows how much you value your family and he salutes you for that. The kind of guy would go a thousand miles for you because distance is nothing for him; it won’t stop him to show you how much he loves you.

Watch out for the guy who would choose you over and over again. The kind of guy who wouldn’t give up just like that, because he believes you’re worth the pain. Someone who can put up with your fiery attitude and still loves you just the same.

Watch out for the guy whom you see as your equal. Someone you give your respect and whole heart to. Because you already felt that he’s the one you’ve been praying for–the guy that God allowed in your life.

Watch out for this guy for he will make you love him just as how much he loves you and you’ll never let him go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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