This Is Why She Disconnected Herself Completely From You

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You ruining her daily routine made her a little scared but still, she took the risk. She thought that maybe this is what she needed all along; to build bridges instead of walls. You were the strangest yet perfect stranger for her. The kind of mystery she wants to solve as the time goes by.

Just talking with you made her feel like she’s in trouble because she knows that she is slowly falling for you. But it doesn’t change the fact that she’s more than willing to take the risk. Meeting someone like you gave her the courage to trust and show her vulnerability.

But just like a beautiful meteor falling from the sky, you disappeared in a speed of light. 

She waited for you to reach her, gave you time and understanding because she doesn’t want to come off as needy or demanding, but you never tried again. Anxiety and overthinking made her feel unwanted and lost. Pain made her feel betrayed and forgotten. Then suddenly it hits her, you never liked her the way she liked you. Maybe you did too, but only for a split second.

You just enjoyed flirting with her without even telling her how you really feel. She gave you hints of how she felt about you while in return you gave her mixed signals in order for you to keep her. And when all the fun and excitement of getting to know each other is gone, you left her hanging.

She disconnected herself from you because she finally realized how toxic your relationship with her is.

It was nothing but false hopes and smoky intentions. She’s not the type of girl who settles for something that isn’t true.

She disconnected herself from you because she knows that she’ll never be enough for you. She realized that she’s not the one for you and you’re not the one for her. Forcing to have a relationship with you will never do anything good for the both of you.

She disconnected herself completely from you because she knew it’s time to let go.

She’s now choosing herself because she finally learned that she doesn’t deserve to be treated like a doormat. She deserves someone who’s going to do everything just to make sure that he’s definitely having a sweet spot in her life and he’s staying there for good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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