Dear God, Thank You For All The Wonderful People In My Life

Dear God, Thank You For All The Wonderful People I Have In My Life
Zachary Nelson

I’ve always asked myself, what have I done for me to receive such greatness of the Almighty God. Well, the answer is simple, God is good all the time. He loves and forgives anyone who needs it.

In this world full of people who come and go, there’s still these wonderful people who stay with you no matter what, or no matter how imperfect you are.

I thank God for blessing me with my family. They’re the inner core of who I am today. Without them, I wouldn’t live and survive in this world. They were the ones who taught me how to become a true human being. The values I had from them were my anchor in life. Especially my mom, she’s the toughest and most loving mother. I am grateful to be her daughter. She’s always there to support and guide me even though we’re not always together. I love her with all my heart.

I thank God for blessing me with my crazy true friends. They’ve been with me thru thick and thin and accepted me for who I am. They’re the best support system I’ve ever had. Our fun filled memories with a touch of petty arguments and drama will always make me cry and laugh at the same time. Without them, I wouldn’t appreciate the outside world.

I thank God for blessing me with those guys who broke my heart. Each one of them made me feel special in a different way. Experiencing love through them was worth the tears and pain. I wouldn’t be this tough and wise if it wasn’t for them.

Lastly, I thank God for blessing me that one guy who is meant for me. He’s the reason why I still believe in true love. I believe that he’s worth the wait. Even though we still haven’t met, I’m already grateful to have him in my life.

These beautiful people made me love my scars and imperfections. They made me feel like I can do anything and be who I am without doubts and fears. These people are my strongest connection with God that is why I am truly thankful for having these wonderful people.

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