Read This If You Feel Like You’ll Never Be Enough For Anybody

Tiko Giorgadze

Growing up requires a lot of things. It needs strength and endurance to go through all life’s obstacles. And it definitely needs maturity to hold the key of acceptance and contentment. To grow up means to experience pain in any cruel or harsh way one could bear. This means anyone is not exempt from all life’s cruelties because we gain from pain.

We’ve been crushed, stepped on, shaken – hurt. All these past, painful experiences have made who we are today. And we are so much stronger today. You are so much stronger now.

I’m telling this because I know a lot of people have already rejected you. They have seen your weakness and they instantly left you, believing you were weaker. They have seen your vulnerability and they were so afraid to be affected by the storms within you, so they chose to just walk away instead. They have felt the intimacy and affection in all the things you do for them and they found it overwhelming and controlling, disregarding the love you were just outpouring. They have witnessed the passion in your eyes and it made them uneasy because they know in themselves they will never be able to commit or match that kind of love.

You search for the one. Someone comes along. You get to know each other. That someone leaves. And then the whole cycle happens again.

Isn’t it tiring to be left behind? Isn’t it so degrading to be the one who always gets rejected? It is, right?

They go away and never get to know how excruciating the pain is, how hard it is to have that sinking feeling every time. They make you feel that you are worthless, and you start to wonder about your existence.

You begin to ask if there’s someone out there who is not like any other, because all who came have eventually left.

Self-pity takes its toll on you because love has been so unfair. You start to think you’re always not enough, that there’s something in you that makes you less of a person. That makes you undeserving of love.

But let me tell you dear, you’re still here and you’re still breathing.

You just have to look around and start to re-assess life itself. You just have to step back and look at the bigger picture to figure everything out.

I’m telling you: you will always be enough – for your family, friends and of course, for God. You are enough because the ones to whom you once gave your love have already felt the most surreal thing in the world – the genuine love.

You are enough because the strength you’ve shown through all your struggles is proof that you are worthy, and always have been. There’s still chance for this world to get better. All we need are strong people, the ones who can brave and weather the storms of life. All we need are people who can laugh and smile off the pain.

You are enough and the world needs you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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