Never Beg For Love

Emma Frances Logan Barker

Never ever try to stand out to make you feel belonged. Face it, you cannot have it all. You can never outshine or outstand everybody because we all have our own crafts. Do not bother to present yourself at all times. You don’t have to prove how worthy you are as a person because if you really are, others will be the ones to prove it. Throw away the arrogance. Disregard pride.

We are loved for what and who we are naturally and not for pretending someone we’re not meant to be.

Never ever try to chase someone to love you back. It could happen — you love someone and they don’t love you back; you try to give them everything they want and you end up empty, with them full of the love we gave up, that infamous unrequited love. It’s like putting up a show, a well-produced concert, only to find out nobody bought a ticket. But see, there’s no use in trying to force yourself to someone who cannot appreciate all the things you do. There’s no really point in staring at something you adore knowing you don’t have the slightest chance to have it. Stop chasing them and start valuing yourself. Be proud of the skin you’re wearing. You could go all smiles every single day and people will love you for that.

Never ever ask someone to like you. Never bother to ask, “How do I look today?” Let them see how beautiful you are as a person, on the outside or inside. Don’t send messages telling them you feel bad because they don’t text their hellos. And don’t ask them, “Why did you not respond to my messages?”, and show your I’ve-been-up-all-night-waiting-for-it kind of face. Never try hard to impress somebody with all you stunning looks, having your expensive dresses and luxurious facial services. Hey, just be natural and love will naturally find you.

Never cry at night, bawling your eyes out just because someone told you you are not worthy of their love. Do not waste a night at a bar dancing the night away and downing innumerable glasses of wine because somebody broke your heart. Never reiterate the pain someone caused you. Instead, use the pain as if it’s water to shower the remaining flowers in your garden. Remember, it’s not love without pain.

It may take guts to accept that somebody you love could not love you in the same way you do but it doesn’t make you less of a person.

It’s all about acceptance and contentment. Accept that all things will not go in your favor and just be contented with everything that comes your way. Shake off the insecurities. Brush off the doubts. The person you see in the mirror is the one who people will love only if you love him or her yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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