It’s Okay To Be Lost

Biel Morro

We are vulnerable. We can never deny that. No one is really invincible. All of us have something that makes us afraid. There’s always something which makes us want to run away from this world and just zone out from everybody. And we are just good in hiding it, fooling people of what we really feel inside.

You laugh off the whole day with your classmates or colleagues only to lay yourself in bed having a broken heart. You go with your friends partying on Friday nights or resorting to cinema only to realize at the end of the day how disoriented you are. You even post your ‘happy’ moments on Facebook and ‘Instagrammable’ pictures online. And that’s only to make people believe that you are having some kind of a bliss.

But you can never fool yourself.

You can never ever make yourself believe in fantasies because in the first place, fantasies are so far-fetched and ideal. You can never hold on to the fact that everything will be perfect in this life because in reality, it will never be. We are never guaranteed of a long-lasting haven in this world. You may show the world that you’re fine but this only makes you more frustrated and drained in the end.

That’s why it’s fine to tell the world that you are lost.

It’s fine to open up to your high-maintenance friends. It’s fine to tell your brother or sister how broken you are. It’s fine to share some poignant quotes online. It’s fine to cry for a while and just go on with life because what any other choice do we have left? It’s fine to go up the mountains or plunge yourself into a beach and swim your heart out.

It’s OK to have some diversions in life, to try new things, to experiment, to cut some ties or to go alone.

It’s really fine to feel lost because in those moments, you will have the chance to rediscover yourself, to contemplate on things and have a more meaningful outlook in life.

These are the moments when you will get to know who you really are. You will get to know who will insistently knock on your door and talk to you. Listen, child. It’s OK. You’ll get stronger. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

I’m so close to 25 and I’m still trying to figure out life.

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