6 Things You Must Stop Doing If You’d Like To Live The Life You’ve Always Wanted

Living free means making a conscious effort to control what you can and not worry about the rest. It’s easier said than done because our emotions play a major part in our outlook on life and our actions. However, freedom is a state of mind that ultimately guides our actions. Here are six things you must stop doing in order to be free to live the life you’ve always wanted.

1. Caring what other people think

I used to hold onto the notion that if more people liked me, I would feel better about myself. That led me to do more people pleasing than actually being happy with who I was. What I soon began to realize was that no matter what people thought of me, I was still blessed to be alive. Do what’s best for you. Everyone is different so find out what suits you. Always remember, what floats someone else’s ship may sink yours.

2. Staying overly loyal

We’ve all had negative relationships and situations that we’ve stayed around too long because we feel we owe something. When that happens, you end up locking yourself down to people and situations you don’t find favorable. They limit you from your growth and eat away at your confidence. Your loyalties should lie in the people and places that force you to grow and make you want to be a better person. Not in the areas that do the opposite.

3. Looking for a quick fix by chasing the fastest dollar

Some of the wealthiest people in the world are the unhappiest. Chasing money won’t make you happy. Life is a journey and it’s important that you find beauty in every part of it. Chase your passions because if not, then what are you truly living for? Living freely is about being realistic with expectations and accepting the fact that you’re human and you will make mistakes. Nothing worth having comes overnight so a life worth living will take some work.

4. Waiting for the perfect moment

There is never a perfect time to do a great thing. Don’t wait for an opportunity. Make the opportunity. I get inspiration from seeing musical artists get their first big radio hit. Everyone goes crazy because it seems like the artist just hopped in a studio, made one song, got lucky and made it big. In reality, that first big radio hit was the culmination of previous other hits that went unnoticed. Your big moment comes when you start piecing little moments together. Consistency is key so if you aren’t doing sh*t then don’t expect anything in return. Get out there and make it happen because you only have one life to live.

5. Being indecisive

Pick something and do it. Simple as that. Nothing is worse than an indecisive person because they take two steps to the left, then two steps to the right and end up back at square one. Being indecisive kills progress. Make a decision and stick with it no matter what the consequences are.

6. Comparing yourself to others

We have all done this one time or another. You are who God made you and you have the ability to change and mold yourself into whoever you want to be. However, do so with the mindset that you are doing it for you and not trying to be someone else. If you try to be someone else you will always be second best. Focus on yourself and you will always win. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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