3 Simple Ways To Actually Be Important

Would you rather have $100 today or $100 a year from now?

Social media gives us the ability to share more content, have less human interaction and a lower attention span than ever before. In the midst of all that, the Kardashians and Snookie are arguably placed in higher regard than important current events. No matter how many likes your selfie gets or what the newest trending fashion is, day to day to day importance comes by what you say, the people you say it to and how you prove it.

1. Speak Your Mind

Speak with a purpose. If you have a concept, idea or opinion that you want others to hear or read, go ahead and put it out there. Your message will reach its intended audience and those who disagree, so be it. Life is too short to hold words or ideas in that could benefit others. Take responsibility of what you say by following it up with your lifestyle.

2. Have An Audience

When I started blogging in late 2013, I sent my blog out to seven or eight friends first. I was nervous that no one would read what I had to say and I was subconsciously looking for validation. Don’t do what I did from a validation standpoint. It’s great to get a reality check from time to time, but you have the final say in whether you put your thoughts out there for public consumption. Your audience will come once you stay consistent with your message and your actions. That being said, an audience is more about quality than quantity so don’t get discouraged if your audience is small in numbers. Being important is less about you, and more about how you qualitatively build others around you.

3. Know Your X-Factor

Everyone has a God given gift. It’s your responsibility to find out what it is and how to use it. If you don’t use it you will miss your opportunity to maximize it. God gave you that gift to set you apart from others in order to share it and enrich lives. The term “someday” is like a plague. People use it as a half-assed response to excuse themselves of maximizing potential out of fear and laziness. The value of your gift diminishes every day that you don’t use it, every day that you question yourself, every day that you sit on your talents, and every day that you ignore its worth. Your X-Factor is similar to a seed. It must be planted, watered, go through its seasons of drought, growing and fruitfulness. Sitting on your gift is actively crushing that seed and never giving it an opportunity to grow.

If you’re waiting for your big moment to be important, you’re choosing to wait a year or more for that $100 that may never come. Take your $100 today and maximize it. Stop waiting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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