7 Valuable Lessons I Learned Upon Reaching 20

Flickr / Alexander Mueller
Flickr / Alexander Mueller

1. You should never trust anyone but yourself.

You shouldn’t be trusting anyone. Because not everyone you are calling a friend is really a friend indeed. There are some like parasites that will be there when they need you but then when time comes they’ll just going to vanish quickly like the firefly that loses its light leaving you behind and alone. And it will stab you deeply as you put that trust to someone big-time and then they’ll just leave you hanging in times of need. Hence, you should only be giving all the trust to you and you alone. You should learn to be all by yourself without asking the help of others. Because at the end of the day, you are the only one who will sleep in your own bed.

2. You should not be finding love, wait for love to find you.

Love has its own perfect timing. Don’t rush things, just go with the flow. Although, there will be shortcomings from different people. Still, you’ll get to know someone, get close to them, bond with them and talk to them you’ll feel something really cool about them and you think that’s it, but don’t fret, that’s not love. They’re just a new friend, companion or a guide to your adult life. They will teach you some of their learnings in life for you learn more of what to do when it’s your time to shine. Don’t lose them. As to they could be your new set of friends to your more mature life.

3. Know your boundaries.

Being 20, you should already know what’s right and wrong what you are doing now, will have an impact someday. , because you are not that kid that just runs and plays outside anymore. You should be mature in all of your actions because what you did to that someone will have an impact to him/her in the mere future. Remember that karma is just around in the corner and you need to be careful on what you do and what you say. Also, you should treat everyone with respect. Know your limitations.

4. Patience is a truly a virtue.

There will come a time when people will challenge your patience, wherein people will release all their anguish to you till you explode, they will push you to your limits for them to see what’s the real you inside. so be on guard and save a lot of patience.

6. Focus on your goals, dreams, and ambitions.

Life will throw challenges and struggles at you which will move you away from attaining your dreams goals and ambitions. But don’t get carried away with them they are just merely distractions, don’t worry it’s normal. That’s why you need to FOCUS. Focus on attaining them and making a way to achieve them. Focus on all the things that you want to buy, have, and/or achieve. That’s the essence of living. To reach for your dreams, goals and ambitions. So fill up that bucket list of yours and start doing it one by one and later you’ll notice that you’ll almost accomplish them all. But don’t stop there. there are many things in life that’s worth having. And it’s a continuous process. Don’t forget.

7. Have fun and be yourself at all times.

Of course, upon learning those things i mentioned above. Don’t let the fun out of it. That is also an essence of living in this awesome and wonderful world. To have fun. Be yourself at all times, you are unique in every way. You have that something that no one have. So just be yourself. And don’t try to imitate that awesome actor/actress you saw on TV. Remember you are you, and that makes you, you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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