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A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late September, 1986

Superstitiously, I would always imagine every conceivable disaster before an event, and I’d drive myself crazy, hoping that would take away any real disaster. How many times in my life have I approached a situation that made me anxious and got so crazy beforehand that reality could never have been so bad?

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Early September, 1986

Yesterday, when I went to fill out the car insurance forms, the woman at the office asked my occupation. I gave it as “writer,” but she misinterpreted my New York accent and wrote down “rider.” I guess maybe because this is Davie, she thought I was with the rodeo. Do I actually look like a cowboy?

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late August, 1986

Killing time, I went to the Grand Army Plaza library, where, to my surprise, I found Volume 38 of Contemporary Literary Criticism. In it are entries for John Irving, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Ntozake Shange, Truman Capote, Peter Handke, Claude Levi-Strauss, George S. Kaufman, Christopher Durang, J.R.R. Tolkein – and me!

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-August, 1986

Scott came over late last night after he “broke [his] girlfriend’s heart” by breaking up with her. She was so upset by the unexpected breakup that he “had to take her out for a drive to Brooklyn,” where they talked on the Promenade. Jeez. The girl probably didn’t know what hit her.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late July, 1986

There’s a little patch of Band-Aid on my arm where my blood was taken for the AIDS antibody test. Perhaps in as early as a week, I’ll know if I’ve been exposed to the AIDS virus. Dr. Rundle, the gay doctor I went to, told me to sign a fictitious name to the consent form. I signed it “William F. Buckley, Jr.”

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-July, 1986

At the Red Apple, a WABC-TV camera crew was set up to go live for the 5 PM news because someone claimed they put cyanide in two-liter bottles of lemon-lime Slice, and the city ordered the soda off the shelves. I bought mandarin orange Slice, which was supposedly safe.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Early July, 1986

Last night’s rededication of the Statue of Liberty was a bit too much of a stage show for me. Then again, I didn’t go to the demonstration protesting the Supreme Court sodomy ruling, either, even though I learned about it from a notice someone put up on our lobby’s bulletin board last night.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Late June, 1986

I went out shopping at Red Apple. There are a lot of cute guys, most of whom look gay, in that supermarket, which might be a good place to meet people. For example, the guy in line ahead of me was not only nice-looking, but he had coupons – and a guy who cuts coupons out of the newspaper is probably a good catch, right? Oh well.

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