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Richard Grayson, a retired lawyer and college professor, is the author of With Hitler in New York (1979), I Brake for ...

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A Young Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-June, 1982

At College Avenue we stopped in our cars and I shouted out the window: “I’ll always love you!” “I love you,” Sean said back, quietly. And we waved goodbye to one another. This is one relationship I’ll never forget: a near-perfect love affair with a boy thirteen years younger.

A Young Writer’s Diary Entries From Early June, 1982

Between kisses, he handed me a birthday card with a poem that began I wondered what kind of present I could give / To somebody interesting like you and ended with I’ll start with a hug then I’ll throw you on the rug / And we can finish your present on the floor. Well, actually in his waterbed.

A 30-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-May, 1982

We joked around a lot in bed. I like to tease Sean and he comes right back. One thing that is always great about our sex is that we’re constantly laughing and playful. It’s that intimacy that I value even more than the sex. I think Sean must like me if he keeps coming back.

A 30-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Late April, 1982

I can’t believe it. Sean just left. Here he was in my apartment, the guy I’ve been fantasizing about. . . Okay: now I’m sure that Sean likes me. I told him I give my books only to people I really like. Damn it, I wish I could express myself better and I hope he can see in my eyes how I feel about him.

A 30-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-April, 1982

Candy definitely has a chip on her shoulder, a very quick temper, and a scatterbrained attitude. And yet she’s brave and independent and tenacious. I felt affection for her – and lust, too. Erections kept popping up all day (and they must have been noticeable under my running shorts).

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