If You’re Ever In Doubt, Remember God Will Come Through To Help

averie woodard

Remember the first time you got your heart smashed into the very core that you felt like dying while living? Or the second time you lost your heart again for someone you thought was the key to your happiness? Do you still remember how you cried in front of the mirror and told yourself that everything will be alright even if you knew that as of that moment, you didn’t have the strength to believe anymore? Do you still feel that pain you endured for days, weeks and years? The urge to find the “you” that you have lost and the pieces of yourself shattered on the ground, on the table, on the walls, outside the universe? Do you remember how you loved someone so deeply only to destroy yourself in the end?

I hope you remember every bit of it. I hope you remember them in such a way that you can feel the beauty of going through it.

We all say that in order for us to love and be loved, we need to take a risk. Be proud of yourself because you were courageous enough to have taken that risk. It was the kind of risk that put you on a bumpy ride. You were sad, confused, angry, you were in superlative of every sad words but admit it, you were also happy. Remember that, “You were happy.” and I hope you are genuinely happy now.

To those who are still struggling between believing and losing and even to those who completely got rid of this stage of their lives, this is all for you.

God will put you under such hard circumstances only to test how strong your faith is and how strong you are as a person. He will let you suffer, He will make you lonely and disappointed then He will let you experience different levels of pain. That’s His way of leading us through the right path. We may not be able to understand His plans, but in some other time, we’ll realize that everything He does, He does with a purpose. In the end, we will see that He has been preparing us for that blissful moment we’ve been praying for. Just keep moving forward no matter how tough life can be. Do not lose yourself over someone. Do not lose yourself to the world. Save yourself, God will always be there to help you.

If you’re reading this and remembered those tragic days, I hope you smiled. I hope you continue being a better version of yourself. Do not be afraid to love again. Love is magic. Love is everything. Take a risk again but do not forget to use those heartbreaks as a reminder that love isn’t perfect but one day, it will all be worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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