All You Need Is Less

Tina Floersch
Tina Floersch

There comes a point in anyone’s life that we begin to question our future, our decisions, and basically what we’re doing with our lives. If this is you, here’s what you need to know in order to obtain a piece of mind.

You’ve felt lost in nothingness. So caught up among four blank walls. It’s like experiencing drought within yourself. It’s this certain yearning for some kind of fulfillment which simply cannot be distinguished.

It’s this empty feeling that just makes you want to disappear. Disappear into a place where nobody knows you at all. One day, you realize that you’ve been locked up in this world where everything has already been set- where everything has a standard.

When that day comes, all you want to do is escape. Escape the prison of trying to please everybody and forcing yourself to reach their standards. Escape the existence of knavish belligerent politics and come to terms with the reality that the world cannot determine your worth. Escape all the drama that only you build up in your head. Most of all, escape the pain that has turned your heart into nothing but wretched, and forlorn.

It’s an ambiguous feeling of being in between sad and happy. It’s more of.. flat. Boring. You seek for purpose, you work hard, you burn yourself out in fact and dedicate your whole life to a passion. Until one day, you realize that you lost yourself.

You’re going to keep wanting more when in all actuality, all you need is less. Less people to constantly depend your happiness upon. Less technicalities which only society made up. Less expectations to desperately meet. Less oceans crossed for those who won’t even cross a puddle for you. Less thinking and more doing.

The most successful people on Earth are not limited to those who have achieved several awards, or those who have created a name for themselves for the whole world to remember. The most successful are those whom have broken through every barrier, every set-back, and every obstacle only to attain the simplistic reality that you already have everything that you need, and so much more. You drown in nothing when you lose sight of all the lesser things you have. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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