This Is Why You Should Date An Actress

Larisa Birta

Date an actress.

Date her because she is generous. She is dedicated to shaping and forming the light within her in different ways, so that each time she lets it out, she is able to share this light with someone else—someone who resonates with the story she seeks to tell.

She understands that being a star doesn’t mean being shiny or beautiful. It means being someone’s source of hope, happiness, and peace even just for a few moments. She knows it means giving herself a hundred times just to breathe life into a character who speaks to the hearts of the audience. Just like a star that has died, yet still shines on our planet, her generosity resounds years and years into the future of the lives she has touched.

Date her because she will give and give and give and give again.

Date an actress because being committed is her profession.

If you want her, don’t give up because when she finally gives in, when she finally says yes, it will be because she is sure that she can give herself completely to the role you’re offering her in your life. If she wants you, know that she doesn’t dive in and audition for just anything. She has thought about it, she has put time into the discernment process, and she is convinced that, together, you can unfold a beautiful story—a story that will play out just for the two of you. Allow her to show you how much she wants to be your leading lady.

Date her because she is vulnerable. Her job is to bare her soul day after day. Her job is to live truthfully in different given circumstances. She is used to having her walls down. She will always be overwhelmed by the beauty of the shoreline, the softness of a pillow, and the distinct subtle smell of roses in bloom—and you will see it in her eyes, you will feel it through her smile.

Date her because she is honest. There will be no games to play or riddles to solve. She knows what she feels. She may tell you, she may not. Either way, she will let you know, and you WILL know, through the colors she radiates. Once you become her safe space, her body will betray her, and her tongue will always speak before her thoughts finish. Then you will realize that she has become most herself when she is with you.

Date her because you will gain access to experiencing all her enchanting sides with each distinct moment you spend together. Keep her, especially on the bad days, and feel her relax into your arms as she consciously chooses to step out of the storm and step into you.

Date her because she is enthusiastic and spontaneous. She lives by the improvisation rule of “yes, and—”. She will jump in any adventurous or lazy activity you propose. She will try even the most terrifying thing if she trusts you. She’ll say YES to anything, AND add a few exciting ideas of her own.

Date her because she is genuine. Contrary to popular opinion, she is not trained to lie. She is trained to be real. Through the grind of learning how to genuinely be her characters, she has learned how to identify and access her true self. Date her because she will not hide this from you.

Date her because living life to the fullest is her ultimate goal.

Date her because she is a hundred women in one soul.

Date her because she has lived and will live a thousand lives—but will always choose the one she has with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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